Interdisciplinary: arts + activism

Next week, author and activist Masha Hamilton will visit Sweet Briar for a week-long residency. You can read more about her visit on our website, including information about the Afghan Women’s Writing Project (AWWP–also, the project was featured on NPR yesterday).

One of my favorite details of her visit is the fundraising project coordinated by Sweet Briar business students, involving an art project by two of our students. These artists are creating beautiful engravings that will be printed on broadsides with poems written by women of AWWP.

Yesterday, I spent a few minutes at the Art Barn as Sally (red sweater) and Katie made their final adjustments to their engravings. I’ve always been fascinated by this artform; printmaking requires incredible patience and also a good deal of coordination as the artists carve their art in reverse–not to mention all the steps and technical precision required for the inking and actual pressing (which can vary greatly with the brand of ink, for instance, or the weight and absorption rate of the paper).

If you’re interested, the finished broadsides will be for sale at the reading next Friday.


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3 Responses to Interdisciplinary: arts + activism

  1. dgriffith says:

    OMG, this needs to be on the front page of the SBC Website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great job, Meridith!

  2. Liv Brumfield says:

    This looks awesome. Fantastic, creative work on behalf of a phenomenal activist and wonderful cause.

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